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Scrap press

As for "the scrap press that compression, shrinkage performs of the scrap including the junk car (abolished car) ," leave it to "the KIMURA group". The main body durability, energy saving structure fix their eyes on the future of the car recycling industry, and efficiency, labor saving, energy saving realize becoming it.

Scrap press

The scrap press that the KSP-290 series of KIMURA compresses a junk car (abolished car) into a the dice form. Because it is compressed to the volume of 1/2 - 1/4, the molded scrap contributes to a saving of the transportation cost, energy saving. I compress it by pressure of 290TON by default.

  • KSP-290AS4LH


  • KSP-290AS5L


  • KSP-290AS-4L


  • KSP-290AS-4.5L


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    Molded article①

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  二方締め 三方締め 横蓋タイプ
Model KSP-290
Type A
Type B
C type
AS type
AS4L type
AS5L type
AS5LH type
Compression power 290t
Power 37kW 30kW×2 37kW 30kW×2 37kW×2 37kW×2
Molding dimensions 2000W×optionL×600H 400W×700L×600H
Die body dimensions 3000W×9000L 3000W×12000L 6000W×9000L 6000W×12000L 6000W×14000L
Equipment weight 40t 42t 45t 50t 55t 60t 60t
Good point
High efficiency
I adopt a high-performance oil pressure device of the KIMURA original development.
Energy saving model
I adopt an energy saving pump and reduce consumption electricity.
It is compression to 1/4
Maximum in 1/4 maximum at the junk car volume by pressure of 290t largest in the industry at the volume of the junk car. Junk car setting space, the reduction of shipping expenses are possible.
Injection case dimensions
I adopt width 2,000W by default. An overwhelming difference appears in a working hour at the time of the junk car injection.
It does not take defrection center of gravity at the time of compression cylinder 1
Regular compression and can reduce an oil leak from a cylinder.
The durability
I maintain the main body frame structure from development those days while steel materials price soars. A difference is reflected on longtime use.
Oil pressure unit
It is with a cover by default.