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Various press series

I manufacture "the press machine" which I applied the technique to with a press machine in "the KIMURA group" of Kure-shi, Hiroshima with many results. The development of the various press machine give the KIMURA group an order for each industry.

Various press series

I perform a lineup of various models with user specifications for each industry.

  • Daisupo (300TON)

    Daisupo (300TON)

  • C type press (20TON)

    C type press (20TON)

  • 650TON press

    650TON press

  • Trimming press

    Trimming press

  • Cloth compressor

    Cloth compressor

  • 150TON press

    150TON press

  • 800TON press

    800TON press

  • Folding press (350TON)

    Folding press (350TON)



Model KSOP-300 KSOP-400 KSOP-500 KSOP-1000
The output 300t 400t 500t 1000t
D light Option
Gate width Option 1500×2800 1500×3000 2000×3500
Power 37kw 45kw 55kw 150kw
Bet width Please order the demand of various specifications. I produce a press machine to use.
In particular order

In particular order

・Position management control
・Die automatic switching equipment
・Oil pressure servocontrol function
・Die cushion function
・Pressure adjustment
・Tie rod guide