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About patent technology "REC aluminum casting"

I introduce "the REC aluminum casting" that is a patent technology of "the KIMURA group". Generally, when I wanted high strength, the production technique of the die forged it, and it was common sense that did a die-casting when I made much of productivity and low cost and made a die. With "the REC aluminum casting ," KIMURA group of Kure-shi, Hiroshima acquires a patent in an epoch-making technique to draw precision, quality of forging and both merits of the low cost of the die-casting.

By an animation introduction "REC aluminum casting"

The manufacturing method with a few blowholes overturning the common sense of the conventional aluminum die-casting

Epoch-making casting to mold pressurization by a piston after locating a piston in the center as a die long, and a laminar flow filling a casting type with only the model total movement with the die of division into three to have an upper model, the middle, the lower part, and closing a model more, and having done it "REC aluminum casting." I in this way secure the quality that there is little outbreak of the blowhole while being casting, and does not have forging and inferiority.

Patent acquisition finished, 2016 Casting of The Year receiving a prize (the Japan Casting Japan Federation of Engineering Societies) to include abroad
  • The patent acquisition to include abroad

    The patent acquisition to include abroad

  • 2016 Casting of The Year receiving a prize

    2016 Casting of The Year receiving a prize

Positioning of the REC aluminum casting

I realize the low cost that is almost a die-casting while being quality equal to casting

I realize the low cost that is almost a die-casting while being quality equal to casting

Generally, when I wanted high strength by the die production, by forging, I made much of productivity and low cost, and one of a die-casting was common sense when I made a die. The REC aluminum casting is the innovative manufacturing method to draw

REC casting movement introduction

Find the laminar flow filling that is near to descent from nature as a model long by casting press; the merit that is greatest a casting product of a high quality, the high strength that it is rare of the blowhole being provided in the main pressurization from the upper direction and the multistage thing pressurizing from the bottom after a model total. I use the pressurization constitution such as the chart below by highly precise servo motor + oil pressure hybrid pressurization, and there is the characteristic of this process to a cavity high speed at any important point speed and point giving a timing.

REC casting movement introduction

An adoption example and product example
  • Adoption example (problem, purpose)

    • Lightweighting
    • Defective article reduction
      • Cutting surface blowhole measures
    • Performance enhancement
      • Omission of pressure measures by the blowhole correspondence
      • Efficiency up by the blowhole correspondence
    • Method of construction substitution
      • Sandbox, reduction in cost from casting
  • Product example

    • Case
    • Scroll
    • Hydraulic brake manifold
    • Bracket
    • Rotor rotor
    • Angle, lever
    • Oil pressure-related part


Four quality good points of the REC casting product

The REC casting has very fewer blowholes than a die-casting

The manufacturing method, quality comparison with the same shape

  • Die-casting


  • REC casting product

    REC casting product

There is not the extreme unevennes such as the die-casting

[I compare the pulling examination in ADC12 materials]

[I compare the pulling examination in ADC12 materials]

The REC casting product has fewer blowholes than a die-casting, and density is high, and efficiency rises

[Comparison between die-casting and REC casting]

[Comparison between die-casting and REC casting]

An example: Rotor part of the induction motor (aluminum rotor)


  Height direction center macrostructure Height direction center micro organization (*200) Pure aluminum moiety
The appearance and specific gravity
Die-casting ダイカスト ダイカスト ダイカスト


REC casting ダイカスト ダイカスト ダイカスト


The REC casting is more high-strength than the die-casting manufacturing method

[comparison in ADC12 materials]

  • Squeeze


  • REC casting casting article

    REC casting casting article

Because I can set filling pressure more highly than a die-casting, I do not choose the use materi
The materials which are available by REC casting
  • Pure aluminum (A1070 equivalent)
  • Aluminum for die-casting (ADC12・ADC5・ADC6 other)
  • Die-casting use special materials
  • Aluminum for forging (AC4C・AC4CH・AC2B other)
  • Ceramic combination aluminum (There are the examination results to 40%)

Good point of the REC casting device

Good point of the REC casting device

Two 500t planes are operating in Kimura industry Co., Ltd., Higashihiroshima factory.

Servo oil pressure hybrid

Highly precise positioning and high output pressurization by the oil pressure are realized the high speed with the servo motor.

High cycle

Because I can perform release agent application and note hot water to a top and bottom die after casting product takeoff at the same time because the side moves an upper die, rapid improvement (high cycle) of the production efficiency realizes it.


I can batch-process each movement by careful condition setting, and the accumulation of data is possible.

Environmental consideration

The design that usually considered a small it being possible, electric power saving-shaped servo motor, environment including the oil pressure hybrid adoption by molten metal temperature being an energy saving type than a die-casting low, overflow is a characteristic.

I sell REC casting equipment

In the KIMURA group, the outdoor sale of the REC casting equipment reaches, too. As for the inquiry, please from this an order.