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A digest introduces environmental machinery and the line of products nap of industrial equipment facilities which "KIMURA group" of Kure-shi, Hiroshima is proud of. The superior product of the KIMURA brand becomes a person-saving in various industries and contributes to productivity improvement. In addition, please click the link under the item so that you see the detailed information of each category.

Environmental recycling

Empty can press machine

Environmental recycling About empty can press

"Empty can press" to realize transportation cost and energy saving by 圧縮減容 doing an empty can collected as reproduction resources, and doing it in a form suitable for transportation and recycling. On the other hand, close it, and, in KIMURA, close the KCP series of the type, two ways; is a lineup in the KCP-A series of the type. In addition, three kinds of sorting lines sorting canned canned steel, aluminum, a bottle, residual substance automatically prepare.

Plastic bottle shrinkage paching machine

A machine to pack to the size that shrinkage does a plastic bottle container and the abolished plastic which I collected as for "the packing machine" of KIMURA efficiently and is easy to convey. All automatic driving is possible from conveyer transport to packing discharge, and the design that it is shipped with a drill posture, besides, and gave top priority to on-site convenience is a good point. In addition, it is a lineup in the KSTP series in the KPBP series, abolished business of plastic to plastic bottle use.

Cutting machine .Twin crusher

Production sells "running out of Kimura cutting threads of a weaving machine" to show power to various construction scrap wood and abolished tire, "twin crushers" corresponding to extensive waste such as abolished plastic, shrimkage with oil pressure control equipment in KIMURA with the abundant experience and results. It is the anchor product of our group dealing with plastic bottle shrinkage packing machine, abolished plastic shrinkage packing machine and laying upon, an environmental facilities machine.

Car recycling facilities

Car recycling facilities

Car recycling facilities About a scrap press machine

Scrap press to compress nonferrous metal garbage collected not to mention a junk car (abolished car) into a the dice form by pressure of 290t. Because it is compressed to the volume of 1/2 - 1/4, the molded scrap contributes to a saving of the transportation cost, energy saving. In addition, I adopt a high-performance oil pressure device of the KIMURA original development to this product. The energy saving model who is cooling means-free makes a lineup. It is a confidence product of KIMURA with many results by hydraulic machinery production

Others, car recycling facilities

Others, car recycling facilities About others, car recycling facilities

The scrap press that the KSP-290 series compresses a junk car (abolished car) into a the dice form. Because it is compressed to the volume of 1/2 - 1/4, the molded scrap contributes to a saving of the transportation cost, energy saving.

Shipbuilding industry facilities

Shipbuilding industry facilities About shipbuilding industry facilities

From the bending of the iron plate to distortion collecting, a lineup does the shipbuilding industry facilities including "a large press machine" and "the vendor" equipped with various functions.
I design it with the facilities which I matched with a lot of processing machines, visitor in a block transport system and a ship and produce it.

Various press machine

Various press machine About a various press machine

I perform a lineup of various models with user specifications for each industry.
I design it with a press machine to the use use of the visitor and produce it. I produce the special press machine that I matched for each industry.

Industrial equipment

Multi-spot welder

Multi-spot welder About a multi-spot welder

As for the development, the manufacture of the plant, our group is a forte,; but various multi-spot welding equipments for car product line are one. I enabled improvement of the production efficiency, flexible correspondence to limited production of diversified products by a combination of system and that I optimized every parts including the body and the door part 冶具. In addition, of the automatic welding line which not only KIMURA manufactured multi-spot welding equipments in a simple substance, but also assumed robot welding the core deal with manufacturing and selling it.

High-speed notching machine, production use automatic facilities

Production use automatic facilities and conveyance facilities of KIMURA proud of various processing machines, inspection equipment, a welder, a grinder, a press molding machine, the abundant lineup including conveyance facilities to. The delivery extends over many aspects to the shipbuilding industry, food industry, the communication facilities industry, various production industries as well as an automotive industry, too. In addition, about notching machine which is indispensable to the press working of the core stator core and rotor core of an electromagnetic steel sheet used for the laminated steel sheets such as a motor, the generator, I prepare for a high speed type, all automatic models.