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Company information, management information of the KIMURA group

I introduce company information, management information about "KIMURA group" of Kure-shi, Hiroshima that deals with environmental machine and industrial equipment from a design to production throughout. I introduce the management philosophy of a message and our group of Hideki Kimura who is a representative director here. Please confirm policy and the mission of our group, the vision here.

Representative greetings

Originality to be ahead of the times is a characteristic of KIMURA

"KIMURA group" of Kure-shi, Hiroshima dealing with labor saving, automation facilities such as the press Benda, the design construction of the plant including the environmental machines such as a compressor, the crusher. We can provide facilities apparatus satisfying the needs of all of you surely.

Today when of high quality, it is severer, and labor saving is demanded the technological advance of the product while ecology industry is performed a close-up of. We make the most of a thought and the ability of the venture and aim at the company satisfying the needs of the field of every industry.

Our group makes full use of the abundant experience and know-how that accumulated so far, and the high efficiency that the original product which it is not possible for of the imitation, user companies are satisfied with in the other companies will send a product of high quality out in the world.

I make full use of the rich originality that is the characteristic of the group, and we will practice the manufacturing corresponding to the change in the times with mind of "inventive idea, sum, patience" which is company policy in future and aim at the satisfaction of the visitor and think that few can contribute to Japanese industry, the development of the community. I would like more favor continuously.

Kimura Co., Ltd.
Representative director Hideki Kimura

Company policy "inventive idea, sum, patience"

Management philosophy

  • KIMURA practices the manufacturing that put its heart and soul into customer satisfaction.
  • As for the KIMURA brand, the staff satisfies a visitor in solidarity.
  • KIMURA brings up a talented person and raises a technique and the quality of the service and contributes to the society.

Strength, thought of KIMURA

Establishment of a business half a century. The abundant results and reliable technology

Establishment of a business half a century. The abundant results and reliable technology

As for the Kimura industry Co., Ltd., Kimura Co., Ltd. is establishment of a business 30 years for establishment of a business 50 years. The footprint is the history that came facing every field of industry, problem of the production spot. The technology that it is the abundant experience and results about the manufacturing to have cultivated in that, and is reliable. And it is nothing but a trace of the originality that Manet cannot do it above all in the other companies. Even the high problem of the hurdle "does something about KIMURA" so much; "wrestle for the making of technology development, product which was rich in originality in future that we meet the trust as far as expectation is put to KIMURA by "-- and the visitor whom it is possible" for.

Clear role division of duties in the group, specialty and the quality that therefore were raised

Clear role division of duties in the group, specialty and the quality that therefore were raised

There is a clear role in each company of the KIMURA group. For example, as for the production, Kimura industry Co., Ltd. specializes duties in business, the design each to say Kimura Co., Ltd. Specialty is raised and in this way succeeds in a product and Quality of Service improvement. The strength of the KIMURA group is manufacturing full of high technology and originality, but it may be said that there is that I support it for the clear duties division of duties in the group. Each pursues work to be connected directly with the satisfaction of the visitor by showing a characteristic to the full.

Power to change impossibility into possibility

Power to change impossibility into possibility

It which performs design and fabrication of industrial equipment and facilities depending on the demand of the visitor in one article of one article, order is the history of the KIMURA group. In the process of such a manufacturing, it is important to make the thing which a visitor holds as an image, a thing wanting concrete form. To that end, I understand the work of the visitor, and it says with our work to think what kind of machine is most suitable and interferes, and there are none. Of course it is pride of KIMURA that a given hurdle is expensive, and there is the item having difficulty in problem solution, but, even so, "it is not possible", and do not finish. Important one performs thorough hearing and strengthens requirements and is to arrive at one answer after work to drive until a product design.