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Empty can press and three kinds of sorting line

In "the KIMURA group ," I develop an empty can press machine, a KCP type (on the other hand, I close it and type it), a KCP-A type (two ways total type) that I applied the technique to. Furthermore, the making of a three kinds sorter sorting canned canned steel, aluminum, a bottle, residual substance by the combination with other machines automatically is possible. I perform the production of the recycling line which I matched with a visitor by the combination of conveyers. An environmental machine, the development of recycling facilities give the KIMURA group an order.

One way press machine KCP type

An empty can press machine of the space-saving type that the KCP type has a small fixed area and does not take the place. The attachment such as Hopper that I match it with a factory layout is possible.

  • Empty can press machine

    Empty can press machine

  • Empty can press machine with Hopper

    Empty can press machine with Hopper



Model KCP-350 KCP-400 KCP-500
Compression power 15.9t 24.9t 51.7t
Power 5.5kW×4P 7.5kW×4P 11kW×4P
Molding dimensions 350W×freeL×350H 400W×freeL×400H 500W×freeL×500H
Processing capacity 0.3t/h 0.5t/h 1.0t/h
External form dimensions 650W×2195L×1180H 700W×2525L×1214H 860W×3300L×1500H
Equipment weight 1.2t 1.5t 2.5t

Two way press machine KCP-A type

It is a two way press machine with a lid showing power for empty can compression. The special design with the knife, the production are possible depending on a use use, too.

  • KCP-600A


  • Canned canned KCP-600A steel, aluminum is working under Hopper

    Canned canned KCP-600A steel, aluminum is working under Hopper

  • Blade specter

    Blade specter



Model KCP-500A KCP-600A KCP-650A
Compression power 31.2t 57.6t 63.8t
Power 7.5kW×4P 11kW×4P 15kW×4P
Molding dimensions 500W×freeL×300H 600W×freeL×400H 600W×freeL×450H
Processing capacity 1.1t/h 1.5t/h 1.9t/h
External form dimensions 850W×3200L×1750H 1070W×4100L×2169H 1100W×4300L×2554H
Equipment weight 2.5t 6t 7t


Model KCP-700A KCP-800A KCP-900A
Compression power 80.0t 99.7t 129.6t
Power 22kW×4P 30kW×4P 37kW×4P
Molding dimensions 700W×freeL×500H 800W×freeL×600H 900W×freeL×700H
Processing capacity 2.5t/h 3.2t/h 3.8t/h
External form dimensions 1280W×4650L×2874H 1360W×5000L×2876H 1460W×5400L×3025H
Equipment weight 8t 10t 11t
KCP series good point
Space-saving design
A fixed area does not take the place small.
Simple operation
I can choose automatic driving, hand-operated driving with one control panel freely.
A no trouble
Even 24-hour consecutive driving is trouble-free. I promise safe operation.
The distinguished durability
It is solid structure to be able to tolerate the operation more than machine repayment periods enough.
Safe control
The electric control secures safety by a compact sequence program.
Energy saving performance
I adopt an energy saving pump and can reduce use electricity.
Becoming it is easy a line
I can perform the cooperation such as Magnetic force sorter, an aluminum sorter, the conveyer easily.
Abundant product line
A lineup available to a use. I take the order of the special model.

Empty can recycling line

The design of the residual sorting line, the production are possible canned canned steel, aluminum, a bottle, too.
In addition, I can fit the wide recycling line by the combination with other apparatuses.

  • Three kinds of sorters

    Three kinds of sorters

  • Small line

    Small line

  • Large-scale line

    Large-scale line

Good point

By the abundant production results of the recycling line, the design of the plant to the recycling situation of the visitor is possible. Because the production depending on throughput, space, a budget is possible, please talk with KIMURA when you have a problem with the plan of the recycling line.